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And I just can't help believin'
When she's whisperin' her magic
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25th-Oct-2012 11:11 pm - Frankenstorm
winx club, believix, flora, fairy
oh, I am not liking the looks of it, not at all
saint seiya, artemis, moon goddess
25% off all Novi Stars
25% off all La Dee Da (they do list a 14.99 each sale)
Buy 1 Get 1 50% off all Bratz dolls - showing their Chic Mystique (25.99 each) and the Bratzillas
25% off the MLP Favorites Collection (listed with a sale price of 29.99) - contants Nightmare Moon, Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon3, Lemony Gem, Flower Wishes, and Trixie Lulamoon
Exclusive White Celestia
Sale 16.99 each Celestia and Cadance
Sale 34.99 Wedding Castle play set (bride, groom, dress, tuxedo, bouquet, cake, etc)
Sale 99.99 (with $30 coupon) TMNT Secret Sewer Lair Playset - 42" tall. Includes telescoping periscope, rope swing, elevator, zip line, etc (figures sold seperate)
Sale 19.99 TMNT 11" action figures (exclusive)
Sale 17.99 TMNT Vehicle with figure (looks like Raph) - toy version of the TV show's stealthy ride.
14th-Oct-2012 10:19 pm - heh
shelly, luke, monster force, monster force otp
was flitting about the aol.com home page and noticed a link for a gallery of this make-up artist's Halloween work when I spotted a link for Halloween Essentials - one of the choices: "Monster High Skullette Fashion Purse"

http://www.stylelist.com/view/halloween-essentials - I will confess to being a bit surprised
10th-Oct-2012 01:32 pm - poor Obito
blown brain, can't unsee this, Elinor, bad logic, dealing with stupidity
that poor boy - if he wasn't already half mad, then today's chapter really cemented his insanity
and please, love of God, tell us *why* this happened? Back story, damn it!
4th-Oct-2012 07:05 pm - bwah? what did I just watch?
sakura, say what?, slow blink
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbKhqesH42s - can't say I'm terribly impressed by their music video (I would have loved a CGI video over *that*)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH0knX3dVqc - and this is remotely entertaining
3rd-Oct-2012 11:18 am - got bit by the art bunny
80s child, arting around, creative time, peek-a-blue
did some Naruto/Winx art for an RP I'm in with a friend (Bloom/Flora/Tune are sketched) And I gave Tune some real lovely ringlets which I figured out how to draw so she has pretty hair (only because I couldn't draw the way they looked in the cartoon without them looking horrible) - Flora stole Neji's shirt and Bloom raided Temari's closet with fashion tip from Shikamaru for headband placement (hers is on the arm, like his) and Tune borrowed a dress from Kushina since I could not for the life of me get her ball gown to go (but then, she's a non-combatant for the most part so she doesn't need ninja clothing. Besides, I was not going to try to stick the Akatsuki robe on her)

Arthurian bunny is nibbling so that's next.

I'll share later after I ink/scan/color them (I might do the coloring post in stages like I did for M'lady)
29th-Sep-2012 08:08 pm - bah
blown brain, can't unsee this, Elinor, bad logic, dealing with stupidity
why can't the official site, you know, actually release the series on a proper DVD instead of this "DVD-R" crap? I mean, I'd love to own a copy of "The Incredible Dr Pol" on a proper DVD so I can access the episodes I missed during the first season instead of having to go through episodes I've seen

and daymn - I now have a bloody earworm stuck in my head. I was playing with the Bratzilla Cloetta Spelletta online dressing game I found on kawaiigames.net and they have the theme song for the Bratzilla line and holy crap, I'm going to hear "Bratzillas, Glam gets wicked tonight" in my sleep - http://www.kawaiigames.net/jogar.asp?id=169 share in my suffering
28th-Sep-2012 04:29 pm(no subject)
blown brain, can't unsee this, Elinor, bad logic, dealing with stupidity
what this is, I don't even...
27th-Sep-2012 12:57 pm - ::pouts::
blown brain, can't unsee this, Elinor, bad logic, dealing with stupidity
one of my favorite Phantoms passed away today ::sulks::
Herbert Lom was one of my favorites (and heh, his version had Joan of Arc as the opera of choice which prompted my parents to get the record because they thought the aria they liked from the movie was on it - it wasn't. My mother was slightly disappointed)
26th-Sep-2012 01:08 pm - hee :3
winx club, believix, flora, fairy
$30 for a DVD (King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, complete series!) and two Winx Club graphic novels. And I plan on doing a pre-order for an art book since I have the first in the series next week or so = http://www.amazon.com/Draw-More-Furries-Anthropomorphic-Creatures/dp/144031473X/ref=pd_ys_cs_all_4 I love the dinosaur on the cover (so cute!) I have art ideas that this will help with (http://www.amazon.com/Draw-Furries-Anthropomorphic-Fantasy-Animals/dp/1600614175/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y - the first volume)

http://www.amazon.com/WINX-Club-Vol-VIZ-Media/dp/1421541599/ref=pd_sim_b_1 and http://www.amazon.com/WINX-Club-Vol-VIZ-Media/dp/1421541602/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y were my two Winx graphic novels (I would have gotten them at B&N but I never saw them there so meh)
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